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25 July 2022

Grant Avenue Precinct Plan


The Grant Avenue Precinct Plan, a master plan for the development of Grant Avenue and the surrounding area, was conceived and driven by the JDA in 2015 and adopted as Council policy in 2016. The plan provided guidance on densities, land use, and building form with the aim of strengthening the Grant Avenue high street precinct and the surrounding residential areas. It provided a nuanced approach to densification that took into account neighbourhood character and assets. The plan was put together at enormous effort and cost, and stakeholders in our neighbourhood including NORA invested significant time and energy into it.


Imagine our dismay, then, when at a recent planning tribunal Development Planning in the City confirmed that they had allowed the plan to lapse in 2021 without any prior consultation. This now means that only the Nodal Review - a blunt and imperfect policy, the consequences of which are already destroying large portions of Johannesburg - holds sway in planning decisions in our neighbourhood.


NORA is dismayed at Council’s lack of consultation in this, and the disregard for Council resources. Millions of Rands of ratepayers’ money was spent on this, wastefully it now appears.


07 February 2021

Norwood's Oldest Building Under Threat


A proposal to rezone No 2 Nellie Road (also known as 92 Osborne Road) from Residential 1 to Residential 3 to allow for the building of 9 dwelling units will result in the oldest building in Norwood being demolished. The house was built in 1911 for TR Jones, and is a fine example of Edwardian residential architecture. It is virtually unchanged from the original design, and is therefore one of the oldest intact bungalows in Johannesburg. The rezoning will also create the highest density in Norwood outside of the Grant Avenue high street, and is inconsistent with the Grant Avenue Precinct Plan. Both NORA and the JHF have objected to the proposed rezoning.


Access the NORA and JHF objection here:

JHF objection to rezoning
JHF objection to rezoning
92 Osborne Road_Norwood_07022021.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.1 MB
NORA objection to rezoning
NORA objection to rezoning
Proposed Rezoning_RemErf163_Norwood.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.4 MB

The public are invited to object to the rezoning at before 3 March 2021.

24 May 2020

Proposed Orchards Road Enclosure


The Notice of Intent for a security access enclosure of part of Orchards has been advertised in the Government Gazette. The enclosure is as follows:

  • High Road to have 24 hour manned booms at Henrietta Road and African Street. These booms will be in a permanently upright position between 06h00 and 08h30, and between 16h00 and 18h00 to allow for free flow of traffic in peak times.
  • Locked palisade gates will be in place at the intersection of The Avenue, Orange, Orchard, Oaklands, and Garden Roads. 
  • Pedestrian gates will be in place at Orange and Garden Roads, and will be locked between 19h00 and 06h00 daily.
  • The gates at Orchards and Oaklands Road will be capable of being opened in an emergency.
  • There are restrictions on the enclosure:
    • No person or vehicle shall be denied access to the enclosure.
    • Requesting proof of identification or signing of a register to enter is not allowed.
    • Pedestrian gates will be accessible 24/7.
    • Any violation of these conditions will result in the permit being revoked.

The public is allowed to give comment on the access enclosure, and can do so in writing at:

Traffic Engineering Department

JRA (Pty) Ltd

666 Sauer Street





Traffic Engineering Department

JRA (Pty) Ltd

Braamfontein X70

Braamfontein 2107


Comments must be received before 20 June 2020.

16 April 2020

Problem Property By-Law


Are you frustrated by a property or building that appears to have been abandoned, is overcrowded, has illegal water or electricity connections, is illegally occupied, has accumulated refuse or rubbish, or is partially completed structurally unsound?


You have recourse through the By-Law on Problem Properties. Access is here:

Problem Propert By-Law
Problem Propert By-Law
gazetted problem property by-law.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 830.8 KB

01 December 2019

Grant Avenue Festive Shopping Day


Take advantage of special offers on fabulous goods and services this Sunday, as our neighbourhood celebrates Grant Avenue. To see all special offers, visit


And here is a guide to our wonderful restaurants, shops and services:

02 September 2019

Grant Avenue Strategic Planning Session on Friday 6 September


 Property and Business owners on Grant Avenue are invited to a Strategic Planning Session on Friday 6 September. The objective is to determine a common vision for the high street, and to decide on implementation mechanisms.


When: 09h00, Friday 6 September

Where: 91 Iris Road


The draft presentation is available here:

Grant Avenue Strategy
Draft deck for our meeting on Friday 6 September
Grant Avenue Strategy_06092019.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 464.6 KB

07 August 2019

NORA partners with residents and businesses to beautify Grant Avenue



Have you noticed the 33 olive trees planted in attractive pots on Grant Avenue? Here are the stats:

15 October 2018

Grant Avenue businesses get their act together!


We are very excited to announce that the General Manager at The Factory, Jemma Styer, and Brendon Katz of Fight Sports Centre, have taken a leadership role in getting a Grant Avenue Management Plan off the ground.


The primary goal of the Norwood Improvement District is to restore the attractiveness of the Grant Avenue high street through providing a regular cleaning service, providing security, and actively following up on service delivery issues. Urban Space Management, who have already played a very positive role in managing Maboneng, Newtown and the Fashion District in the Joburg CBD, have been contracted to run the programme.


The ideal budget to fund the programme is between R40,000 and R60,000 per month, and will be raised from voluntary contributions from businesses, property owners and residents. Over 20 businesses have already pledged a monthly amount of R750 per business.


The Norwood Orchards Residents Association have pledged a monthly amount of R1,000.


How can you get involved?

  • Make a pledge to contribute as a business or resident – the recommended pledge is R750 per business and R75 per household per month.
  • Become a fully paid up member of the Norwood Orchards Residents Association. 

For more information contact Jemma on or NORA on


10 October 2018

Grant Avenue Survey


We love Grant Avenue. We love the convenience, the atmosphere, the restaurants and shops. But there is no doubt that we need to improve our high street if it is to remain relevant to middle class consumers. In September, we sent out a survey asking your opinion of Grant.


Here is a summary of the results:


Who completed the survey?

88 responses, 60% female, and almost all live in Norwood or within 10kms. Almost all participants shopped in Norwood once a day or once a week.


Satisfaction with Grant Avenue.

Most surveyed gave the high street 6/10. Very few scored it higher than 7/10.


The main concern noted is cleanliness. This corresponds to the NORA view of Grant. We believe that if property and business owners kept their pavements and gutters clean and free of weeds, made sure that rubbish was not dumped on street corners, and gave neglected corners a lick of paint, it would have an immediate and positive impact on their street and business. We also believe that the lack of cleanliness contributes to a perception of safety problems, the second concern highlighted. It is interesting to note that only 21.6% of those surveyed said that parking was their main concern.


Read the full survey here:

Grant Avenue Survey Results
Norwood Improvement Project Survey Resul
Adobe Acrobat Document 595.2 KB


The Grant Avenue Precinct Plan is now Council Policy. The Plan passed by Council is available here:

Grant Avenue Precinct Plan- Final
Grant Avenue Precinct Plan and Managemen
Adobe Acrobat Document 6.0 MB

15 April 2018 - The Grant Avenue Precinct Plan is adopted by Council


We received confirmation this week that the Grant Avenue Precinct Plan was adopted by Council on 27 March. We had submitted comments on the Plan in November 2016, and most were taken into account in the final document. In particular:


In order to make the Plan practicable, it is important that incentives such as engineering contributions are ring-fenced to the area. 


Response: The City has a legislated a participative budgeting process which determines budget allocations in a 3-year budget (Medium Term Expenditure Framework, as contained in the IDP). In terms of engineering contributions specifically, which are payable to the City as part of the change in land use process, there is currently no policy to “ring fence” such contributions. However, the City is reviewing the bulk contributions policy (should be finalised in 2019) and this concept will be explored and defined in the City policy. It will therefore not be included into this document, but form part of a city-wide policy approach, if accepted. The precinct plan does however also propose a process where developers can choose projects identified in the plan to execute and through negotiation with municipal entities, could possibly get those offset from their contributions.


Though densification of erven along Ivy Road and east of Grant Avenue are generally welcomed by residents, NORA is concerned about the impact of densification on neighbouring, low density erven and suggests the following mitigations:

a.      Stepping down heights towards low density erven.

b.      Retention of mature landscaping bordering lower density erven.

c.      Planting of screening landscaping on the boundary of lower density erven.


Response: Page 85 of the Plan has now adopted these recommendations. Such would form part of rezoning conditions and Site Development Plan evaluations going forward.


We will publish the Precinct Plan when we receive the final copy from Council.

1 November 2016 - Grant Avenue Precinct Plan feedback


The City recently presented the final Grant Avenue Precinct Plan to the NORA Committee. We believe that the plan is a thoughtful response to the challenges of our high street, and if properly implemented, will improve Grant Avenue and surrounds. Our full commentary on the Plan is available for download.



Post updates and other information can be found on the Welcome to Grant Avenue Facebook page. 

Adobe Acrobat Document 82.6 KB

29 June 2016 - Final draft presentation of the Grant Avenue Precinct Plan


The City of Johannesburg and a professional team presented the final Grant Avenue Precinct Plan at a  well attended meeting in the old gym above Meat on Grant on Grant Avenue. 


A budget forecast of R80-million was presented to deliver a number of improvements to the high street, including traffic controls at the corner of William and Grant, a revamp of Norwood Park, and optimisation of the public parking lot outside Nando's.


Resident, and NORA committee member, Frank Julicher made a plea for members of the community to become involved in establishing a management forum to represent property owners, residents and businesses and merchants. The work of the forum will be to contract service providers to manage and protect the best elements of Grant Avenue's vibrant street culture and work at holding the city to account on delivering against the plan. 


Post updates and other information can be found on the Welcome to Grant Avenue Facebook page. 



The Grant Avenue Precinct Plan is a city initiative to improve the Norwood high street. On this page you'll find links to all the the plans submitted to council, research conducted, news on the action group, and updates on the Grant Avenue management forum as they are made available.


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