Our neighbourhood has a rich heritage. Find out what makes it so unique!


From the 1950s, the Struggle in the Suburbs was concentrated in the northeastern suburbs – and largely in Norwood and surrounds. Explore an arc that starts with the influence of Gandhi and ends with the death of the giant of the era Nelson Mandela.

The suburbs of Norwood, Orchards and The Gardens were all founded in 1902, and are therefore amongst the oldest suburbs in Johannesburg. Orchards was the first to be advertised, in The Star of 17 March 1902, and was laid out on a portion of FDJ Viljoen’s farm. Join us on an exploration of this suburb’s oldest structures.

Louis Botha Avenue is not known for its quietude. It is a bustling, dirty thoroughfare, largely devoid of beauty and charm. And yet, between Short Road and St Mary's Road there is a remarkable cluster of buildings associated with spiritual endeavours quite unlike anywhere in the City. Explore a remarkable stretch of sacred spaces with us.

Trevor Jones grew up in The Gardens. He recently shared his memories of the Portuguese Market Gardens with us.

The many tributaries of the Sandspruit that flowed through the farms Syferfontein and Klipfontein created a rich and fertile landscape, and though the farms are gone, many historic structures on the spruit remain. Explore these forgotten temples, monuments and bridges.

Paterson Park is in transition as the City develops a housing component and improves recreational facilities, but the Park has a rich and fascinating history. 

The legacy of Dr Arthur David Bensusan has been honoured by the Johannesburg Heritage Foundation with a blue plaque at his childhood home, 22 Oaklands Road, Orchards.

Read a fascinating heritage study on the Orange Grove Waterfall and surrounding area by Brett McDougall, commissioned by the Johannesburg Heritage Foundation.

Residents of Norwood today know the efficient, modernist school buildings of Norwood Primary School that were constructed in the 1960s - few know that these structures replaced a much older school building.