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Dates Revisited for the Network

Posted 13 December 2016

The Fibrehoods' build teams have been driving to build the NORA fibre network over the last few months with a large number of clients in the live areas enjoying the benefits of high speed fibre. 


With large scale network roll-outs there are sometimes challenges and unforeseen issues, which have caused delays and frustrations in the delivery. Fibrehoods acknowledges this and has dedicated teams working to mitigate these delays and faults. They will continue to complete the overall project as scheduled. Unfortunately, there will be a period where Fibrehoods teams on the ground will be forced to down tools as outlined in the municipal wayleave process. Where work was planned for this year but will not be completed, Fibrehoods would like to apologise to those impacted residents but will ensure additional teams and resources are in place in January 2017 to catch-up on the outstanding work.


To see when your block will be connected, please click this link and follow these steps: 

1. Search for your address

2. Click on the coloured block on the map where your address pin is

3. The pop-up block will indicate when your block will be live.


For further inquiries or assistance, please contact our Client Support Desk on 010 020 1775 or support@fibrehoods.co.za.  


The Fibrehoods management and team would like to thank you for your patience and support during the roll-out. 


Want to get connected?

If you'd previously signed up with VULACOM, or haven't yet signed up and want to enjoy the benefits of high speed fibre internet in your home, we've put together a how to sign up page. 

Fibre to the Home (FTTH)

What's it all about

Updated 7 August 2016


The fibre project is all about bringing high-speed internet and other services to NORA. The critical component is the backbone infrastructure which will allow us to add other service offerings over time. NORA in conjunction with CAP have opted for an aerial network to avoid having to dig up pavements in the suburbs to trench the fibre cables and minimise disruptions to residents.


The network we chose is open-tenant which means we can have many ISPs offering services to increase the competition and drive down pricing. Residents get to choose who they want to contract with and how.


Other services that this new infrastructure will enable is the deployment of security cameras (with functionality like number plate recognition to help reduce crime), over-the-top content like streaming media, and even better cellphone reception with the deployment of cell booster towers in strategic locations. NORA will keep residents informed of offerings to make sure that all residents have a say in what services are brought to the neighbourhood, which they can then choose to opt in and out of as needed.