NORA Committee and Portfolios


The NORA committee have volunteered to represent the voice of the community. Each member champions a portfolio that aims to improve the neighbourhood.


These are the committee's priorities for this year:


1 - Cellular Masts

A subcommittee has been established to challenge the legality of cellular masts which have recently been erected in Oaklands. NORA fully supports these efforts and committee members Trevor Lunt and Dillon Swartz will be guiding the NORA response. 


2 - Garden Road Crisis

The presence of a liquor store at 265 Louis Botha Avenue has severely degraded the corner of Louis Botha and Garden. We are challenging the liquor licence application with the assistance of attorney Leon Slotow, and are assisting residents coordinate efforts with JMPD, SAPS and Pikitup. Committee members Brett McDougall and Bradley Janse van Rensburg are leading this effort. 


3 - Grant Avenue

You will have noticed a cleaner and more beautiful Grant Avenue of late. That is due to the efforts of committee member Brendan Lombard who manages two cleaners and has worked with businesses to place olive trees in pots on pavements. He will be focusing on a security strategy with CAP and the regularisation of car guards this year. 


4 - We will continue to...

Beautify and maintain Norwood Park and The Gardens Conservancy (committee member Brett McDougall).

Run events that bring feet to Grant Avenue and activate Norwood Park (committee member Nadine Hocter).

Challenge illegal building and object to town planning applications that derogate from our neighbourhood (committee member Brett McDougall).


These priorities are supported by:

Secretary - Martin Behr

Treasurer - Brendan Lombard

Sector 3 Crime Forum - Bradley Janse van Rensburg

Chairman - Brett McDougall 


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