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City Publishes Tender Documents for Victoria Extension 3

31 March 2019


We have recently been alerted to the publication of tender documents for the development of Victoria Extension 3 in terms of the Zoning Rights granted. We're disappointed, but not surprised, that the City and our elected political representatives did not inform us of the tender going out. Nevertheless, we have summarised some salient points on the tenders:


The tenders cover portions A, B, C, D, E, F, J and H of the Paterson Park development - so the portions nearest to Norwood on this map:

The tender deals with the sale and development of portions A, C, D, E, and F; and the long term (50 year) lease and development of portions H and J. It is unclear why portions H and J are leasehold portions.


The tender specifies a minimum of 20% inclusionary housing, but since the City's new policy already specifies a minimum of 30% this is a moot point.


Tenders are due on 12 April. The tenders do not specify when the City will make its decision.


As a reminder, these are the development rights (in the "After" columns):

The tender also includes additional information, including a development concept which we have provided here for information:


Paterson Park Development Concept
Paterson Park Development Concept
Adobe Acrobat Document 431.0 KB

The City Dismisses NORA's Appeal of the MPT Decision on Paterson Park

15 April 2018

NORA received notification this week that the City has dismissed our appeal of the Municipal Planning Tribunal decision on Paterson Park. No reasons were given for the decision.

NORA now has two options: (1) challenge the SPLUMA process (which governs municipal planning decision making) on the basis that the City is both the Applicant and Judge (2), or find ways to work with the developers to ensure equitable outcomes for residents. Option (1) has never been attempted before in South Africa, and may be very expensive to pursue.

It should also be noted that the Heritage Impact Assessment process has not yet been completed, and it might be possible to enforce conditions through this process. We are consulting with our Town Planners and Legal representatives to determine the way forward.

NORA appeals the decision of the Municipal Planning Tribunal

22 October 2017

NORA regrets to have to make the decision to appeal the outcome of the Municipal Planning Decision on Paterson Park, as we have stated on a number of occasions that we welcome development and support the transit oriented densification of the Corridors of Freedom. But we have also been unequivocal in the position that it will not accept expedient decisions that have a negative impact on the quality of life of current and future residents of our neighbourhood. Read our full objection here:

NORA Objection to the Municipal Planning Tribunal Decision on Paterson Park
Objection_Municipal Planning Tribunal De
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Municipal Planning Tribunal considering rezoning Applications set out of 13 July

20 June 2017

As previously published, the NORA engagements with the City on the proposed development of Paterson Park have resulted several changes to the proposed plan.


The long awaited Tribunal into the rezoning applications, which will include a review of the community objections raised as well as our comment to the changes is set for 13 July 2017.


This is what you should know:


  • The NORA position on the revised zoning applications (published at the end of 2016 after a year of discussions and negotiations with the City).
  • A summary of the changes from the initial zoning applications to the amended ones.
  • NORA supports the amended zoning applications, subject to the comments raised in these two documents.

Here's what you need to do now:

  • If you are in agreement, you may choose to allow NORA to represent you on the 13th of July. Please complete and sign a Power of Substitution document and return to by no later than 6 July 2017.
  • If you are not in agreement, or have additional comments, it is important that you attend the Tribunal in person. 
Power of Substitution Document
Power of Substitution NORA.doc
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Tribunal Details are as follows:

  • A site inspection commences at 09h30 on 13 July 2017, from 6 Pine Road, Orchards.
  • The Tribunal commences later in the day at the Metro Centre in Braamfontein.
  • All other important details are contained in the notice itself.
  • Click the Download button to access the related documents.


NORA Comment on the PatersonPark Development
Paterson Park Development_NORA Comment o
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NORA Summary of Paterson Park Plan Changes
Paterson Park Update - 23 Jan 2017.pdf
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Paterson Park
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Resident objections and NORA change the Paterson Park plan for the better

22 December 2016

NORA engagements with the City on the proposed development of Paterson Park have resulted in:

  • Reduction in the maximum height on Victoria Ext 3 to 7 storeys;
  • Reduction in the height of the development parcel on Lucy Lane to 4 storeys;
  • Reduction in the proposed number of dwelling units on parcels adjoining Frances, Algernon, Nellie roads and Lucy Lane;
  • Improved parking ratios to 1.3; and
  • An increase in the amount of public open space in the precinct.

All these measures go some way in addressing our concern that the proposed development integrate with the existing urban fabric of Norwood, and contribute to its vitality.


Click the Download button to access the related documents.


Beware of unscrupulous estate agents

Re-posted 8 January 2017

We are concerned that certain unscrupulous estate agents in Norwood are spreading mistruths about the Paterson Park Development. These are the facts:

  1. No development is currently taking place – the work in the Park is related to rebuilding of the culvert
  2. No development can take place until the legal process is exhausted
  3. The first step in the legal process is the calling of a Tribunal to assess the many hundreds of objections to the rezonings. Every objector HAS to be notified and invited to attend. A Tribunal has been called for early February 2017.
  4. Should we be unhappy with the outcome of the Tribunal, we can appeal the decision
  5. Should we be unhappy with the outcome of the Appeal, we can follow a Prevention of Administration of Justice legal route
  6. This process could take several years to conclude. On the conclusion of the process, Council still has to put the development parcels out to tender, a process which could also extend several years
  7. We have a new City administration. The DA objected to the Paterson Park Precinct Plan which the ANC forced through in 2015. All decisions by the previous administration are under review


Positive Progress at Paterson Park 

1 November 2016 


The Norwood Orchards Residents Association (NORA) has noted improved engagement from the City since the August elections. We met with the new MMC for Development Planning in late September to voice our concerns on the manner in which the Paterson Park project has been run, and a key outcome of that meeting is that we will be engaging with City agencies this month to understand the reports that underpin development rights. Development rights also appear to have been curtailed, but we will only know the detail in late November. The Tribunal to hear our objections will take place in the first quarter of 2017.


Public feedback was also provided on the Recreation Centre upgrade and the Park relandscaping last week. Through the Joint Plans Committee East, NORA has highlighted problems with the design and build of the Recreation Centre, and has received assurances from the JDA that these will be attended to. We have also had a productive working relationship with the landscape designers for the Park, and we believe that if properly executed the new Park will uplift our eastern border.


Key documents are available below.


extract_City Parks upgrading_Paterson Pa
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Paterson Park JCPZ project_Public meetin
exe File 7.5 MB

The City of Johannesburg intends developing Paterson Park into a mixed use precinct incorporating an inclusionary housing development, a redeveloped and extended recreation centre, and re-landscaped park.


NORA is representing the concerns of our community to the City and monitoring developments.


We'll publish all the information you need to understand the project. To find out when updates are made click on the 'Stay Informed' button below.