Urban Management

Marius van Vuuren continues to champion Norwood Park. At the beginning of 2016 Norwood Park was a blight on our neighbourhood. It had become the focal point of anti-social behavior, public drinking and litter in Norwood, and the gardens were severely degraded due to years of neglect. Through the generosity of residents and the profits of Love Norwood Day, we have been able to employ a gardener two days a week in the park. The results are clearly visible: our park is clean, the beds are plump, and anti-social behavior though present is diminishing.

Raymond Knuppel continues to champion The Gardens Conservancy. Under Raymond’s leadership the Conservancy has gone from a litter strewn ecological disaster zone, to a pleasant public open space that attracts birdlife. Recently, the JRA committed R7.5m to resolve erosion problems and save the historic Hilson Bridge.  

Malcolm Goldsmith has taken on the portfolio of Flood Response. A flash flood in November 2016 resulted in the loss of property and the death of many pets in our neighbourhood. Residents affected have driven an initiative to understand and solve root causes of the flooding, and to hold the City accountable for stormwater drain maintenance. This last point is important, because blocked drains in Orange Grove, Norwood and Orchards were a significant contributor to the magnitude of flood damage. Malcom is working with affected residents and City agencies to ensure we do not have a repeat of this tragedy.

Shorai Kaseke has taken on the challenge of the Urban Management portfolio. In this position Shorai will escalate roads, parks, power and water issues that have been reported with no response to our Councillors and City agencies.