Town PLanning

Brett McDougall will continue to perform the Town Planning role. Our neighbourhood is on the cusp of many exciting developments, including the Louis Botha Corridor of Freedom, the Paterson Park Development, and the Grant Avenue Precinct Plan. These and other changes in the urban form have the potential to build on our neighbourhood’s strengths, but they could also result in unintended consequences if not properly executed. Brett will continue to engage with the City and developers on these and other town planning matters to ensure the best possible outcomes, and will continue to represent NORA on the Joint Plans Committee East in assessing heritage and neighbourhood development applications.

Zenzile Khumalo has taken on the portfolio of The Avenue, which has been identified as one of our key focus areas for the coming year. Illegal land uses and advertising by-law infringements on The Avenue are rampant, and businesses do not maintain their pavements. In the coming year we will review the NORA policy on The Avenue, to determine whether our recommended controls still make sense, and work with the City to end illegal land uses and advertising. We will also be encouraging businesses along The Avenue to take a more active role in ensuring that their pavements are clean, walkable and attractive.