Norwood Secure Village update

NORA believes that it’s of the utmost importance for residents of Norwood to be made aware of CAP’s (revised) proposed road closure for Norwood. Please see below for the messages widely distributed by CAP on various Norwood Whatsapp groups.


We’ve also listed the various links for ease of reference below the original messages.


Dear Residents of Norwood,


As you may recall, we previously sent out a proposed road closure map and communications on the Norwood Secure Village with a little too much excitement. We have since worked with our teams and residents to present a better and more refined proposed closure that aims to be as comprehensive as possible while taking into account traffic concerns and area logistics.


Please follow the below link to the communications. For any queries, please email


Hi Everyone, Thanks for your patience in waiting for the above. Please share with your neighbours and if you would like to hand out the physical consent forms please PM me your physical address and I will arrange delivery.


Elyse Golovey (CAP), +27 76 231 1497




Update on your road closure (for Norwood)


Norwood Road Closure Consent Form


CAP Secure Village proposed map for Norwood


Email address for enquiries and concerns:


CAP Secure Village FAQs