CAP Secure Village Update!

(The following update was provided by CAP in a recent newsletter, and is being shared here, as it’s clearly of importance to NORA residents.)


Cheltondale and Orchards Closure (The Avenue, Ivy Road, Louis Botha Avenue, Dovedale Road and African Street) Status:


We have reached the required consent for this closure and the paperwork and plans have been submitted to the City. We are awaiting a date for a Section 45(2) meeting.


Gardens and Oaklands Closure (Pretoria Street, Beaumont street, 3rd street, Henrietta road, African street, The Avenue, etc) Status:


We've received an outpouring of responses from our residents to the proposed enclosure and thank you for your support. In order to deal with traffic flow issues and proposed access points, we have made a few changes to the map to include Henrietta Rd. The new map was shared this week with residents living in the area.


If you have not yet consented please do so now. Click here to submit your consent:


Norwood closure - watch this space for an update!


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