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04 August 2019 - Conservancy Open Day

Your committee has been hard at work at cleaning The Gardens Conservancy, and removing invasive species along the river. Even though we have severe erosion issues, NORA has decided to open up the Conservancy to the public on Sunday 04 August. Bring the dogs, bring the kids, and come and enjoy this glorious space in Winter sunshine!

What you need to know:

Where: along the River next to Norwood Mall. Enter from African Street or The Avenue.

What: come for a walk, or bring a picnic basket!

When: Sunday 04 August between 09h00 and 15h00.

30 July 2017 - Conservancy Clean Up - Remove the Invaders

Posted - 11 July 2017

On the 30th of July, celebrate the spirit of Nelson Mandela by cleaning the Orange Grove Spruit in The Gardens Conservancy.


We will be removing invasive species and cleaning the river banks from 2pm to 4pm. No equipment or experience necessary, and you do not have to commit to the full 2 hours.


Meet at the entrance to the Conservancy on The Avenue close to the intersection of Nursery Road.

Conservancy Clean Up - Number 2

Posted - 17 July 2016


NORA's ongoing efforts to care for and inspire community action in our public open spaces has seen the Geocachers returnfor second clean up. Their volunteers were  once again joined by several members of the Community, concerned for the care of the Gardens Conservancy.  



Thirty five bags of rubbish were filled by the teams who pitched in, contributing their time and energy to rehabilitating an amazing public open space.

11 June 2016 - Conservancy Clean Up #1


A big thank you to the Geocachers and the two NORA community members who cleaned the Gardens Conservancy. Sixty bags later, the space is starting to look amazing. 



Picture courtesy of
Group photo of Geocachers and NORA members after the clean up