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Love Norwood Day was a blast!

30 October 2019



Our neighbourhood celebrated Love Norwood Day on Sunday 27 October. Locals and visitors enjoyed a pop up market, food stalls, and great entertainment.


The artist line-up was amazing: SA's Got Talent winner Johnny Apple, the legendary Cindy Alter, and then the amazing Lyla & Ben. They had the audience eating out of their hands and screaming for more!


Perhaps the highlight of the day was watching South Africa beat Wales in a nail-biting Rugby World Cup semi-final match. The atmosphere was electric!


But, most importantly, the day raised over R25,000, which allows us to continue maintaining and beautifying Norwood Park.


Our sponsors made this all possible. We thank: CAP, Pam Golding, City Net, Medi-Response, Ndawo Yummy, Urban Village Norwood, and Super-A Norwood SPAR.


Norwood Park Improvements

22 October 2017

Following our hugely successful Love Norwood Day, we have implemented a number of improvements in Norwood Park.

·        Bird boxes have been placed in trees. These were bought from funds raised at the last yoga in the park session hosted by African Kemetic Yoga.

·        Treated poles have been placed on the Henrietta Road pavement. This has been done to prevent cars from damaging the pedestrian path, and also to discourage car owners from using this as a spot to dump rubbish from their vehicles. In the week since the poles have been up we have noticed a significant improvement in the cleanliness of the pavement. Our future plans include landscaping the pavement with water-wise plants.

·        A 7.5m clear fence has been placed on Ivy Road near the intersection of Grant. This is to prevent patrons of the hawkers from taking shortcuts through the garden beds.

·        Plumbing in the ablution blocks has been repaired. We were shocked at the state of the ablution blocks on Love Norwood Day, so in addition to the repair of plumbing our future plans include painting the exterior. A huge thank you to Dave Miller Plumbing who sponsored plumbing material.



We desperately need water-wise to continue filling beds where plants have died off! All donations welcome!

Love Norwood Day Raises R25 000 to Maintain the Park!

Posted 11 August 2016

Norwood Park is a public space at the heart of our community, and NORA employs a gardener to clean and beautify the park twice a week.


This year’s Love Norwood Day, proudly brought to the neighbourhood by the Norwood Orchards Residents Association (NORA) and Community Active Protection (CAP) on Sunday the 31st of July, was a huge success and NORA committed to allocating all profits to the maintenance of the park.


NORA and CAP are committed to improving our public spaces, making our neighbourhood a great place to live. Help to continue building on our successes.

Through the generous support of our sponsors and the hard work of the fundraising committee, the day raised R25,000 for the continued maintenance of Norwood Park which will allow this important work to continue.

We have some of Joburg's most beautiful spaces. Find out more about what we're doing to improve them and lend a hand. Contributions are needed and always welcome. 


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NORA has been working hard to clean up Norwood Park. We recently employed a gardener to landscape the beds and have been driving community initiatives to clean up what could be an incredible and well-used public space.