Norwood Secure Village (Norwood Enclosure)

Dear Norwood Residents,


As you are probably aware, CAP has now reached the required consent to move ahead with the Norwood Enclosure.


The next step is to raise the funding required to complete the formal application phase. This includes the COJ application and advertising fees, traffic impact assessment, and the erection of infrastructure.


We need the support of all Norwood Residents in order to move forward with this! According to CAP’s calculations, a contribution of R385.00 per month is required from a minimum of 450 households in order to make the Norwood Secure Village a reality. (Slightly more than 450 households gave their consent for the enclosure project.)


Your contribution of R385 per month could quite literally transform your neighbourhood and your family’s lives!


What does CAP need from residents?


Commit to contribute R385.00 per household per month to cover the once-off and monthly running costs of the enclosure. All contributions qualify for a Section 18A certificate, but contributions will not be collected until the target has been met. To pledge your contribution, please click on the link below:


Become a Street Captain for your block or street to help champion the enclosure project. You can volunteer by sending an email to


Click on the link below to download the full brochure, including further details on the enclosure as well as some frequently asked questions:


Additional FAQs on CAP Secure Villages in general can be found here:


Remember to think of your area as a Secure Village:

A Secure Village means higher property values, more secure living, and a better lifestyle. This crucial project will feature perimeter security and controlled access points that enhance security, sustain safety, and prevent the unthinkable. A Secure Village enclosure will allow CAP to implement speed control to protect children and families, and to systematically beautify Norwood through the efforts of the CAP Green Team.